About Us

About Shu Low

Grandpa Shu Low Lim was a Cantonese man that embarked on a years long adventure through the Americas and the Caribbean. Once he arrived in Haiti, he fell in love with a beautiful Black Haitian woman and planted seeds that would create generations of Lim men who built farms, fed communities, and led their families with love. Shu Low defined success with three measures -- how well you loved your family, how well you supported your neighbors, and how well you protected your community. We are his legacy. 

About Our Collections

At Shu Low's Village we focus on wellness and home goods that help you define and discover joy. We are devoted showcasing art from the diaspora. Works that inspire thought, and stimulate the senses. Works that draw deep thought, love and light into every home they are purchased for. We want you to be a part of this platform. We want to honor you and your hard work. We want you to learn more about us. We want to help you create additional revenue streams because art feeds the soul and the creators of that art should never struggle but thrive and have the resources to continue creating for many years to come. 

This is a family marketplace curated by passionate advocates for wellness in every sense of the word. Balance is the key to life, so in your searching for the joys of life and community, swing by the village often for great products that support the freedom and beauty in life that we all crave.


Ryan Lim, Founder